Dear Friends,

Thank you for choosing to shop at Supreme Swan. With every purchase that you make, you help us support women in India through AVIEW (A Village for Independent and Enterprising Women).

AVIEW is a growing organization that has created a special village in the heart of West Bengal, India, where a group of dedicated souls, under the guidance of Dr. Suchandra Brahma, have created a haven for women with mental illness.

“AVIEW is a village of independent and enterprising women that provides an environment where women with mental illness can lead a life of safety and dignity. We believe that these women can eventually become self-sufficient and lead a normal life if they receive proper medication and care along with training in some trade. We teach them survival and vocational skills so that they can eventually be independent and earn a living”. —Dr. Brahma

We at Supreme Swan are so touched by the tireless service of this group of individuals and are honored to support this noble cause.


With Gratitude,
The Supreme Swan Team

To learn more about this wonderful organization in India, visit A View Here, or visit their Facebook page here.